Opening of local fan shop

On the 13th of May, TB is celebrating its 128th birthday, the oldest sports and football club in the Faroes.

A perfect occasion to open up a merchandise store, where you can buy a variety of club related merchandise.

Hans Olaf Johannesen (owner of Hans Olaf's bakery), has generously given the club permission to open up the store at the old Gaard's Bakery location. Both Arnold Gaard the the previous owner and baker, and Hans Olaf are die-hard TB fans, and lifelong supporters. So, it is only fitting that the old bakery is the merchandise store.

Come by Sjógøta 256 tomorrow from 4 to 6pm. For a cup of coffee and cake. There is also popcorn and juice for the kids.

We'll be selling TB-caps, scarfs, mugs and pens. It is also possible to buy the TB-team kit and jersey. In cooperation with Sport24.

The store will be open during the league season.

Opening times will be assigned at later time and our plan is to have previous TB legends and current players to work at the store.

Come by and support the team and have a chat with a current or old legend.

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